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Hello there, Internet traveller!

My name is Elizabeth Tai and I’m a technical writer.

I love transforming complex information into simple, accessible and, dare I say it, fun content. I’ve done this as a features journalist, then a B2B content writer and now, as a software technical writer.

As a tech writer, I’m aware that I’m the bridge between the user and the developers. I love teaching people how to use software with my content. Before becoming one, however, I’ve spent nearly 20 years in the media and corporate sector as a journalist, subeditor, B2B writer and content strategist.

I have written about almost everything. However, I specialise in writing and editing articles, case studies, white papers and website content in these areas:

As a content strategist, I understand the importance of SEO keyword research, and of aligning content marketing efforts with a company’s strategy and goals. As a content manager, I’m a big fan of leading teams with the agile methodology, even non-IT ones!

How I became a writer

When I was 18, I cold-called The Star, Malaysia’s biggest English daily, asking for a job. I had no portfolio to speak of, but somehow the editor said yes. That call changed my life.

I fell head over heels in love with journalism, and my road was cemented when I received a scholarship from Curtin University to study Bachelors in Mass Communications in Perth, Australia. I became a journalist at The Star when I graduated.

I also dabble in web development in my spare time. I started coding, building websites, blogging and publishing ebooks since 1999. It has been gratifying to be able to make a living out of the two biggest passions in life - writing and technology.

Fun facts about me

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